Our platforms are cost effective because we want you to keep more of the money you raise.


We provide a multitude of platforms as you know its a never ending battle to raise money.


Our teams are ready to provide you with impecible support so you can focus on your cause.

How It Works

Bitochon provides a large range of fundraising tools and platforms that you can choose. Once you choose a platform our team will help set you up and provide you the training so you can start fundraising. We have helped countless organizations run successful fundraisers over the years. With online and digital fundraising platforms you can raise funds from around the world and not just during office hours.

Our platforms include:


We work with you to setup the site and get it live so you can start your campaign.


We provide you with the needed training so you can manage and make decisions at any time.


We prvide you with a web portal so you can have full access to manage your fundraising website.


All our websites contain the report you need so you can manage your progress.


If you have something custom that is needed we can provide that as well.

Dinner Websites & Online Journals

Hosting your annual dinner? Let us help.

Many schools, synagogues, and other organizations host dinners to help fundraise. We create online dinner reservation systems, order systems, and online journals that will help you save time, stay organized, and make the most out of your event.

  • - Manage website content/honorees/text
  • - Take online reservations and easily collect attendee information
  • - Ability to purchase ads online
  • - Ability to sells ads nationally and expand your reach
  • - Store all data in an easily accessible database
  • - Online donation forms
  • - Dynamic website pages for additional topics and links
  • - Display dinner ads
  • - Manage discount coupons
  • - Options for Hebrews ads


Fully Online. Fully Customizable. Full Potential.

Chinese Auctions are a popular way to raise money for non-profits, charities, and schools. They combine elements of a raffle and an auction, where people buy tickets for a chance at winning a prize.

We create fully online and customizable Chinese Auction websites so people throughout the country can participate and support your cause.

Popular Features:

  • - Custom Themes
  • - Administration Module
  • - Integrated Shopping Cart
  • - Coupons
  • - Categories/Types
  • - Hebrew Text Options
  • - Reports
  • - Data Entry
  • - Shut Off Time
  • - Custom Definition for Prizes and Packages
  • - Sponsor Profiles

Already have a physical Chinese Auction booklet or pamphlet? Just send it to us and we will digitize it to create a custom website!

Purim Baskets

Make giving back easy.

Purim is a special time for giving and charity. Make it easier than ever to give back with our specialty Purim Baskets Fundraiser websites.

We create easily manageable websites to sell Purim baskets and support your organization. Specify pricing, upload sample images, and explain your cause on a beautiful website that will bring the spirit of Purim to those in need.

Have a community with a never-ending list of people who you need to send Purim basket to? Our Community Based Baskets website is a user-friendly exchange system where you can upload and organize recipients. Users can easily choose from the uploaded list and recipients will receive a Purim basket with all listed senders. Our reciprocal exchange option will automatically send a basket to anyone who sent to you. Our Community Based website is great for schools, synagogues, and any other sort of community.

Are you fundraising for a different holiday or occasion? We can create a site to meet your unique fundraising needs.

Torah Dedications

A word can make all the difference.

Combine charity and Torah learning with an innovative Torah Dedication fundraiser. Donors will be able to select a word, pasuk, parsha, or any other variation of text to dedicate their donation to. Our Torah Dedication website will show potential donors available Torah selections, which text has already been dedicated, and more.

  • - Choose any parsha, perek, or section of Tehillim
  • - Track how much text has been dedicated
  • - Set customized donation amounts
  • - Optimized for online donations and payment
  • - Set fundraising goals
  • - Display sponsors
  • - Other customizable features


Create a custom website where you can easily accept and manage donations. Get features that suit your organizations' unique needs and resources.

  • - Sponsorship Opportunities
  • - Online Payment and Shopping Cart Integrations
  • - Event Pages
  • - Mobile Responsive Sites
  • - Fundraising Tracking
  • - Custom Themes
  • - And much more!

Peer to Peer

Expand your network and support your cause.

A type of crowdfunding where supporters fundraise on your behalf, peer-to-peer fundraising is a great way to support your cause or organization. Individuals create personal fundraising pages or profiles in support of a cause and people will in turn support them.

Peer-to-peer fundraising is a great way to utilize existing relationships between family, friends, and communities. It's also an ideal way for organizations with limited resources since individual advocates will be garnering support and exposure.

We create peer to peer fundraising websites that make raising money easy and seamless.

Online Reservation System

Make managing your events seamless and simple.

Our online reservation systems is great for any sort of event. Keep track of who is attending, collect attendee information, and create an easy way for people to RSVP to your event. You have the ability to assign and confirm seat numbers, send out reminders, and provide information in a hassle-free way. Keep organized and take the stress out of hosting events and use our online reservation system for any sort of fundraising gathering.

Great for:

  • - Dinners
  • - Brunches
  • - Auctions/Raffles
  • - Entertainment
  • - Game Nights
  • - and much more!

Custom Fundraising

Do you have a great, new idea for a fundraiser?

Does your organization have unique fundraising needs?

We can work with you to make your ideas a reality. Our expert team of developers and designers are waiting to work with you to create the best platform for your cause. Whether you need custom features or a custom system, we're there to give you the best tools possible.

David and his team have been a tremendous help to our organization. They are practically available 24 hours a day to make sure that our needs are addressed. thanks again for making our lives so simple!!!

Aron W.

School Fundraiser

David of Bitochon Technologies was unbelievable to work with. I have never worked with anyone who returns our calls and emails within minutes. They set up an auction website for the Torah School of Greater Washington. They are open to new ideas and will make changes without any complaints. I give them a 10 star.

Bracha C.

TSGW Administration

Very positive experience with the programming team, great coordination with the staff to get our website running optimally.

Leah G.

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